Reasons to invest in founders under 30

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs & Bill Gates
  • Meet Fia Jones, she’s 21 years old and is about to launch her first payload to space this year. Her company, Astrix Astronautics, aims to make power systems developed for small satellites. When I first met Fia, I knew she had that startup flare every founder needs to become something huge one day. I have full confidence that Fia will pave the way in her industry and become a daily role model for young kiwis.
  • Jamie Beaton has achieved some incredible milestones since starting Crimson Education at only 18 years old in 2013. With his company currently valued at US $460 million, the 26-year-old entrepreneur has quickly disrupted online education and will continue to do so at an unbelievable pace. I’d summarise Jamie as a risk-taker, unafraid and constantly shooting for the stars.
  • Founder of Pyper Vision, Emily Blythe, has set out to eliminate fog at airports around the world. The 25-year-old entrepreneur has developed technology that disperses hygroscopic powder from a drone to absorb moisture in the sky. This provides increased visibility required for pilots and air traffic controllers. Emily impresses me with her relentless hustle and drive to take her business to the next level. She was also recently awarded as Young Innovator of the Year by Young Enterprise.
Fia Jones — CEO and Co-Founder of Astrix Astronautics



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Lauren Fong

Lauren Fong

A strong advocate for female leaders in New Zealand and around the world.